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Homecountry: Lithuania
Internship location: Malang, East Jawa
Year of participation: 2014
Duration: 4 months
Internship Industry: Education and business development
The opportunity to experience new culture in depth is the most rewarding experience of Internship Indonesia. You are introduced to the local places, people and activities that would normally be inaccessible to ‘normal’ tourist who wants to travel the country. Working with local people is also an interesting experience highlighting the differences that exist in the word making you more accepting and open minded person. Finally, every participant has a chance to put theory into practice and learn more about the surrounding environment and himself. Live and learn is the motto of the internship in Indonesia.

It is important to embark on such a journey for every young person in order to understand the world and yourself better. To face daily challenges of meeting new people, new experience at work and completely different cultural understanding can only enrich you and would be definitely applicable in the future.  Finally, to see the beautiful and diverse country like Indonesia is truly an experience that should be greatly appreciated.
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