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Homecountry: Finland
Internship location: Balikpapan, Borneo
Year of participation: 2014
Duration: 4 months
Internship Industry: Hotel management
Before arriving to Indonesia I had done some research but I still end up surprised every day. I knew Indonesia is a huge country with a big population but the mix of cultures and different kinds of people still amazes me.

Living in Balikpapan has been a great experience. Before arriving here I spent two weeks travelling around Java, which taught me a lot about Indonesian culture and was overall an adventure. Balikpapan completely exceeded my expectations. It is not a famous pace, but to my mind, it should be. It is a great place for an intern.

Internship Indonesia gives a chance to do something great in a very easy and safe way. In addition to getting advantage regarding studies and prospective career Indonesian experience might just be the best experience of your life.
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